Party Journal Entry 2

6th of Pharast, 4700 AR
Party explored the area around the bandit camp. Cold snap took them by surprise and they nearly succumbed to the elements. Met a fish-selling nixie named Glurka who needed help fixing up her pond. Bought fish, found weak spots in ice and made it back to camp with only mild hypothermia.

7th of Pharast, 4700 AR
Party has been plagued by mild pranks for some time now. Kaede lured out and befriended the perpetrators, two small, playful fey. A faerie dragon named Perlivesh and a grig named Tig-Titter-Tut. Later on the journey back north the party met an injured hunter named Javen. Information was gain from all new acquaintances, and all had warnings of a unscrupulous hunter named Breeg Orlivanch and his malicious traps.

8th of Pharast, 4700 AR
Returned safely to Oleg’s. The party met two new tenants of the trading post. The disgraced noble Kesten Garess, who brought guards to defend our home base, I mean the trading post. Also, the nearly excommunicated cleric of Erastil, Jhod Kavken. Introductions were exchanged, quests were gained, and quests were turned in. Back to exploring…


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