Party Journal Entry 3

10th of Pharast, 4700 AR
Party has made it to Bokken’s Hut on the second day out of Oleg’s. Was treated to “interesting” stories, a new quest, and bought some of his potions.

11th of Pharast, 4700 AR
Party found more bandits, party now has more loot.

15th of Pharast, 4700 AR
After days of exploring the open plains areas, the party has found a Forgotten Cache buried next to a tree. Nice stuff, seems to have belonged to a member of the Stag Lord’s group.

16th of Pharast, 4700 AR
A wrong turn has led the party into the hunting grounds of a pair of giant trapdoor spiders. Discovered that they didn’t appreciate fire, and their lair has some goodies in it.


corycdogg corycdogg

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