Party Journal Entry 5

18th of Pharast, 4700 AR
While traveling toward the Sootscale Caverns that party found a small hunting shack with an owlbear inside. After defeating the vicious creature and burning down the hut, the party made it to an abandoned silver mine that the Sootscales occupy. A deal was made with Chief Sootscale to return the sacred statue to him. This angered the shaman Tartuk who fought with the party and died. His room had a bunch of nice loot, and a journal detailing his messed up life.

21st of Pharast, 4700 AR
After days of uneventful exploring, the party realized a powerful snowstorm was approaching. Another owlbear attacked while on route to the Old Sycamore. With the owlbear and the elements taken care of, the coming storm can be waited out.

25th of Pharast, 4700 AR
Movement and exploration has been slow going since the storm. A gold mine has been discovered, but another cold snap has been predicted soon.

28th of Pharast, 4700 AR
Through a combination of magic, skill, and luck the party managed to survive the cold snap without proper shelter. The terrible cold has finally broken, and the party can now head back toward Oleg’s.


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