Party Journal Entry 6

2nd of Gozran, 4700 AR
The party has spent several days at Oleg’s waiting out the violent ice storm. During the down time they conducted quite a bit of trade and upgraded some of their gear. Today, the party is back out exploring to the west.

Just like they were warned, the area about a half-days ride to the west is filled with devious bear traps. The party plans to spend a couple days disarming and gathering them up.

4th of Gozran, 4700 AR
After gathering three dozen bear traps and patching up Grurga, the party’s well earned rest was interrupted by a tornado! The deadly storm passed within a hundred yards or less of their camp.

5th of Gozran, 4700 AR
While exploring to the south west of the trapped glade, the party found the remains of the man who was said to have laid the traps. Breeg Orlivanch seemed to have died by one of his very own traps, though the party found evidence of foul play.

6th of Gozran 4700 AR
At the crack of dawn, a small pack of hungry wolves rushing the party’s camp. Quinn’s horse was nearly killed in the raid, but was saved by Eri. Taking advantage of the free food, a dire wolverine fed on the wolf carcasses and threatened the party. A well played strategy of archery volleys and intercepting barbarians kept the armor-less group safe.

Later in the day while following their noses to the source of the aptly named Skunk River, the party found several relaxing hot springs. A group of giant frogs attacked the party and ended up choking on the barbarian’s codpiece. To allow them a more noble death, the party delivered mercy killings to the sad, confused creatures. A much needed dip in the springs was had by all.


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