Party Journal Entry 7

7th of Gozran, 4700 AR
The party has discovered the lost Temple of the Elk. A cursed grizzly bear guarded and corrupted the area. The paladin Eri was instrumental in defeating the bear by directly channeling Erastil’s light and power. This restored the temple to its former glory. The party drank of the temple’s healing waters and rested in safety that night.

8th of Gozran, 4700 AR
While exploring the area southwest of the temple, the party has discovered the lair of a most peculiar Boggard named Garuum. Thanks to her knowledge of esoteric languages, Kaede was able to peacefully gain the creatures trust and hospitality. Garuum is interested in furthering relations between his “Kingdom” and the party’s, and offered information on nearby places of interest.

9th of Gozran, 4700 AR
At the first light of dawn, another wolf pack rushed the camp, hungry for horse. The party learned much from the previous assault and shut down the raid just moments after it started.

Later, After following a set of large tracks through snowy forest terrain, the party has finally found Tuskgutter’s lair. The enormous boar fought viciously and nearly took Grurga down with it, but well timed team-work brought the pig down first.

10th of Gozran, 4700 AR
While exploring to the southwest of Tuskgutter’s lair, the party found a triggered pit trap containing a starving Brush Thylacine. Ever curious, Nav’ae the deaf oracle nearly fell into the pit with the beast. Quinn used her talent with animals and some food to gain the Thylacine’s trust. It look like the ranger has found a new friend.


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