While Grurga may frequently seem like a gruff, dangerous, and even outright murderous individual, deep down, this large half-orc barbarian is a man with a sensitive soul desiring to share lovey-dovey feelings with all that he meets. While his greataxe may end up buried in many skulls, truly, Grurga simply wishes he could hug people until they both popped into beautiful pink bubbles of love and friendship.

Ever the dutiful husband, Grurga is married to a wonderful young human lady-of-the-night and treats her with kindness, respect, and pure unadulterated love. The pair have produced a wonderful little girl named Spyder, and the infant has already demonstrated an advanced understanding of computers, cybernetics, and anything else that would help make her the premier cyberpunk beauty of Promena.

Grurga enjoys long walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets, and falling from high places.

Update After being relentlessly hassled by the prostitute that he knocked up, Grurga finally opted to do right by the comely lass and wed her proper. Burdened with a need to support his family and simultaneously wounded in the knee by his cyberpunk daughter, he was forced to give up the adventuring lifestyle. He now resides in a small cottage on the frontier of Promena, his wages constantly going towards advanced computers for his daughter, Spyder. Some say he still likes to climb the nearby cliffsides and throw himself off for his own amusement much to the dismay of his wife and the delight of his child.


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