She’s a human. Totally just a perfectly normal human.

Kaede hails from Minkai, her troubled past as well as the superstitious nature of her homeland having driven her from abroad following a few incidents regarding her… perfectly human nature. Since leaving Minkai, she has traveled a good bit of the world, having studied much of the outside world that her parents had often spoken of. Her dream: to find a homeland where she could live with her family freely, not having to withstand the pressures of society allayed against her…. totally human nature.

Having seized the opportunity to explore the Stolen Lands south of Brevoy, Kaede has been instrumental in forging the nation of Promena, having aided in routing numerous bandit camps as well as aiding in the defeat of the Stag Lord. Recognized for her tactical and leadership abilities, Kaede was made Baroness of the land of Promena. Since the advent of her rule, the nation of Promena has experienced much success, and whatever obstacles lay in the path of its greatness have been summarily obliterated through a combination of force, cunning, and diplomacy.

A benevolent monarch, Kaede cares for the people of her barony (baronessdom), and she works hard to provide them a fulfilling, worthwhile life, particularly to women who have suffered the stigma of the lower class.

Armed with a blade christened with the blood of the mythical Hodag, Kaede is primed to defend her barony from any dangers, working diligently to defend its borders, expand its holdings, and promote the livelihood of its citizenry. Perhaps someday, she will succeed at building a society where all are welcome and freely able to seek a second chance at a successful life. After all, that is the founding principal of Promena and its capital of Redemption.

Update Having spent some time courting the oft shirtless hunk Akiros Ismort, Kaede has succeeded in winning his affection, and the two are now happily married. While there is plenty of gossip about the city of Redemption pertaining to when their baroness will give birth to an heir, Kaede and Akiros presently are more concerned with the expansion and protection of their lands, both working hard to protect and embiggen the people of Promena. While they primary interest is in their nation, Kaede still finds time to enjoy her husband’s shirtless physique, frequently commanding him to chop wood for their encampments.


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