A sociopathic, self-hating Half-Elf, Quinn has long ranged the forests of the North hunting for the flesh of humans. No one knows where her hatred for humans came from; they just know its mark. For years, she roamed by her lonesome, slaying humans as she went, but in a brief and bizarre bout of placid sanity, she signed up with a posse of adventurers as they set out on a charter to explore the Stolen Lands. Once this strange calm passed, Quinn saw it fit to continue travelling with the group as it gave her plenty of opportunities to commit heinous murders.

This fact only became more relevant following the foundation of Promena, taking up her place in the city of Redemption as the Royal Assassin, a secret killer known only by the enigmatic moniker The Fang. This, of course, quickly became a public secret over time, as the rabid hatred of humans shone through any attempt to conceal her lethal position. Still, her bloodlust is often sated weeding out the few dissidents who reside in Promena, though it appears her desire for sweet murder grows more by the day. Recently, she has been heard responding to cries for help with words such as, “Let’s go kill them!” and “I want to murder more people!” Even more troubling, she has taken to consuming feces, claiming it to be her favorite food when confronted by others.

It is only a matter of time before Quinn returns to her true nature, a crazed murderous beast the roams the forests at night, hunting down any humans that dare to breath the same air as her. Fear. Fear that day. For it is coming sooner than you may believe….

Update The world has been spared the wrath of Quinn, for in a bout of depression, she released her pet thylacine, Shillelagh, from its servitude and then attempted to ride her horse off a cliff into a waterfall. While the horse was smart enough to avoid its deadly fate, Quinn perished as she plummeted into the foamy base of the waterfall.


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