Akiros Ismort

Having been raised as a champion of Erastil, Akiros’ life was torn asunder when his love for a woman came between him and his vows, and when that woman betrayed him, he succumbed to a berserker’s rage, felling her and her lover in a single blow. Forced to flee from his home, the former paladin of Erastil ended up in the Stolen Lands serving under the Stag Lord.

While he pursued the life of a brigand, Akiros’ soul seemed to cry out for salvation, and he received his opportunity when a group of stalwart explorers infiltrated the Stag Lord’s fortress. Locking eyes on a paladin of Erastil for the first time in ages, the beleaguered warrior knew that something was amiss, but instead of reporting that fact to the bandit king, he instead sought out the leader of this party, successfully piercing Kaede’s impeccable disguise with his knowledge. When greeted with the opportunity to salvage himself from his miserable circumstance, he allied himself with Kaede, Eri, and the others and fought nobly against the Stag Lord and his minions, aiding in their defeat.

Once he had gained his freedom and some manner of redemption, Akiros initially rebuffed the advances of Kaede in order to seek forgiveness from Erastil and find himself following years of aimless wandering. Withdrawing to an isolated Temple of Erastil deep within the forest, Akiros began to center himself, tilling the land and aiding in the renovation of the centuries old temple as a means of absolving his sins and seeking a new connection with the deity he had abandoned. While having already attracted the attention of the future baroness, his shirtless physique piqued Kaede’s interest and helped earned her affection upon a future visit to the temple, and from there, a tender relationship began to take root between them.

Following Kaede’s suggestion to seek his redemption in the service of others, Akiros began work as Marshall of Promena, travelling the lands of the new barony and enforcing its laws while also supporting the common man. Periodically throughout his duties, he would encounter his baroness, and over time, their relationship blossomed into a romantic one, eventually resulting in his betrothal to Kaede and his ascension as Baron of Promena.

Having spent his time coming to understand his new responsibilities as co-ruler of Promena, Akiros is once again ready to hit the road and travel with his wife and her companions as they explore the Stolen Lands, free to take up arms to protect her and fight for the benefit of the people he now oversees.

Akiros Ismort

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